7 Stores That Sell And Offer The Best Deals On Furniture

You probably know many of the biggest furniture stores in the country, but we want to make our list a little different. Below will find our top 7 picks for furniture stores to find a great deal and find great variety.

#1 – IKEA – Yes, we know, this one was already on your list as one of the biggest furniture stores in the world. Why are we still including them? IKEA consistently comes up with a wide variety of furniture at outstanding prices and the furniture still looks great. If we could only choose a single store, it would have to be IKEA.

#2 – Crate and Barrel – What can we say? Crate and Barrel offers simple designs which are beautiful. They offer furniture for every room in the home at very reasonable prices. You step into one of their stores for a quick peek and it may be hours before you walk back out the door.

#3 – Bob’s Discount Furniture – Bob did not throw away style to keep costs low, and that’s a good thing. You can find a wide variety of styles at Bob’s with great prices. How many places can you think of that offer a 7 piece dining set for under $800 and it still looks fabulous?

#4 – Cost Plus World Market – If you like variety, check out the World Market. You will find almost anything you can imagine and all at good prices. The store originally sold all their furniture at just 10% above their cost. That is no longer true, but the prices are still great and the selection is unmatched.

#5 – La-Z-Boy – How could we possibly exclude the leader in comfort? Every home needs to have a great recliner, or a half-dozen, and where better to get a recliner than La-Z-Boy. But don’t let the name fool you. They carry a wide variety of couches, chairs, recliners and sectionals. If you need to find comfortable seating for your home, this is the place.

#6 – CB2 – Are you looking for something a little different? CB2 offers some funky and quirky designs and lives by the idea that mixing and matching styles is what makes a room really come alive. If you want to take a trek on the wild side, check out CB2.

#7 – Art Van – This is another place where you can shop to find a combination of contemporary and quirky styles. If you are tired of traditional furniture, take the time to explore an Art Van store or visit their website. You can find lamps, rugs and furniture that will satisfy your inner wild child.

As you can see, we chose a mix of stores you would expect and a few you may not be familiar with. We suggest checking them all out when you are ready to redo a room. You may be surprised to find new styles that set your heart on fire with desire. You can mix and match furniture from these great stores to produce your own unique signature rooms.

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