how long to cook a turkey

Cooked poultry is a very healthy and tasty meal. Eating white meat is recommended for most slimming diets. It contains large amounts of wholesome protein! What should you know about preparing turkey? Find out more from our handy guide and amaze your guests and family with perfectly cooked turkey next time they come round!

How to cook turkey?

In order to provide the dish with taste qualities, it is necessary to salt the water, and in addition it is worth seasoning with herbs. Thanks to this, the chicken will be aromatic and tasty. It can be served with the addition of boiled vegetables. Poultry is one of the most popular and tastiest types of meat.  Do you have your own recipes or do you use proven data from cookbooks? We encourage you to discuss this topic.

cooking turkey

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How long to cook turkey to make meat juicy?

The duration of cooking a turkey depends on the size of its cuts and the age of the bird. If you want to cook the whole, you need to spend 2-3 hours on it, and the weight of the carcass should not exceed 2 kg. If you have a larger bird, it is advisable to cut it into pieces weighing up to 1 kg (preferably even smaller). Pieces of bone are cooked for 40-60 minutes, their size also matters. Turkey fillet (boneless) is enough to cook for 30-40 minutes. The use of a double boiler or pressure cooker will speed up the process – in these devices, turkey cooks 20-25% faster. In a slow cooker, turkey fillets are boiled for 45 minutes, pieces of bone not less than an hour. If you are cooking turkey jelly, it is advisable to increase the turkey cooking time by a factor of 2-3.

Turkey – meat recommended by nutritionists and dermatologists

The list of advantages of turkey meat is long: it has a high nutritional value, is relatively low in calories, and at the same time filling, tasty, inexpensive and easily available. In the dietetic ranking, he undeniably wins with other types of meat, including popular chicken.

Turkey breast (without skin) is the leanest meat, and at the same time a good source of niacin, selenium, vitamins B6 and B12, as well as zinc. It has recently been proven that vitamin B6 deficiency can effectively hinder slimming, and selenium is involved in the metabolism of thyroid hormones responsible for the metabolic rate. That is why in most slimming diets the only recommended meat is turkey breast.

A 200-gram turkey breast cutlet is only 160 kcal. The same chicken cutlet has over 200 kcal, and pork – 260 kcal. There is also much less in turkey meat than in other cholesterol meats.

Dermatologists also have a favorable eye on white meat cutlets. Zinc and B vitamins, a large amount of which is found in meat and is perfectly absorbed – have a great impact on skin firmness and hair condition. Adolescents who often suffer from acne should eat a portion of turkey meat 3 times a week. It contains vitamins and microelements with zinc at the forefront can be an effective remedy for this ailment.


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