how to create a website

Are you thinking of starting a business? Do you run an offline store and want to move online? You need a website! In our article, you will learn what to look for when setting up a website.

How to create a website?

The first task when creating a website is to plan the content that will be on the page.

Your most important task will be to think about what your website should be about. Could it be your company’s business card containing contact details, information about services, a map or contact form? Or maybe you want to set up a website for the community, sports club or portal with local information? You can also set up a website, e.g. about a hobby, which may earn you money in the future.

Website on your own server

If you would like to create a website from scratch – you should start by choosing the right hosting service. There are dozens of companies on the market offering space on servers. Compare their conditions and packages that they have to offer, and after buying the server you can go to create your own place on the network. Does this mean that there are no free hosting plans? They are, but often using them is associated with a set of shortcomings and restrictions that are unlikely to appeal to anyone.

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Website design for the win

A good website starts with a project. Before you start looking for tools, you need to think about a few things. First of all: what side do you need? What is its purpose? What must be on the site? What do people find on it? And finally – how much time and resources do you have?

These are important questions and you must start designing your website by answering them. For example, a company’s website may have many versions. Do you run a local business and want to have a business card on the internet that will help you reach your customers? Maybe you need a place where people will find your offer and you will share your knowledge?

Or your organization needs a website to show your business? Or maybe you just need a good portfolio that is easy to find on the web? Each of these company pages needs a different approach, but above all – they need you and your idea. 

What should be on the site?

Here, the principle “less is more” applies – a few bright points will tell you more about what you have to offer than even the longest text. Do you provide specific services? Describe them in points.

Do you want to place a price list on the website? Add it on the subpage. The website is a great place to show your best side! Do you know what you will put on it? Write it down – this way you will create an outline of your page. This is a very strong basis for creating your own website. In addition, it will help you at every stage of its creation.

Remember to make your website responsive – most of the internet traffic is generated by mobile devices (i.e. phones and tablets). If that wasn’t enough, Google introduced Mobile First Indexing, i.e. the position of the pages in the search results will be determined based on the mobile version.

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