how to cut a mango

Do you know how to cut mangoes? Unripe mangoes can be hard and cause peeling problems, but with our examples, cutting these fruits can be a lot easier!

How to peel a mango?

As with all fruit and vegetables, the number one rule for consumption is to thoroughly wash the mango fruit in cool water and dry it with a clean cloth.

How to peel a mango with a stone? 

Getting rid of mango kernels and how to peel fruit causes many people problems. One of the popular methods is to cut a piece of fruit from both sides of the stone. Pieces should be put with the skin down. Then cut the fruit into cubes so as not to cut the skin. Now just take the fruit in your hands and “push” the middle. The cubes can then be easily cut with a knife or bitten off.

How to peel a mango with a glass? 

First cut the mango into two parts, guiding the knife 1cm from the line dividing the fruit along the long axis. After cutting it into two wide halves, take a glass and put part of the fruit on the edge of the glass. Gently slide the mango on the edge of the glass so that the skin stays outside and the flesh inside is a simple way to peel a mango glass. It’s worth trying it out.

cutting mango

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How to cut mangoes? 

The first of the above-mentioned methods works great to get nice, even cubes. They will be ideal as an ingredient in light and healthy salads, as an addition to muesli, yogurt or porridge for breakfast.

What to look for when buying mango?

When buying mangoes, we choose the most ripe fruit: we look at the skin for signs of damage, gently press, check with a finger whether it is soft and, above all, smell it. If it has an intense aroma, it is a sign that the fruit is ripe. If it is hard and green it is a sign that it is immature. We always wash the purchased fruit thoroughly.

If you bought unripe, but not green mangoes. Such fruit ripens in a few days if you leave it on the counter. If you want ripe mangoes to stay fresh longer, put them in the fridge. Avoid mangoes that are so overripe – spongy and those with brown spots. They may not be suitable to eat.

Mango fruit contains valuable calories, because in addition to energy, it provides a rich set of nutrients. 100 grams of mango is 70 calories. These fruits are quite large – if you usually reach for a piece weighing 250 g, then a portion of mango provides 175 calories. The fruit will therefore be an ideal idea for a snack between meals, an addition to the morning porridge, it will also successfully replace the dessert, because compared to a piece of cake or mango cake it does not provide many calories, but it can contribute to health.

Mangoes not only in the kitchen

You can also use chopped mangoes in care rituals. A simple mask from crushed mango pulp is recommended for oily skin care. After washing your face, apply the paste for 10 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. If your problem is dry skin, mix the crushed mango flesh with thick natural yogurt and apply the mask for a quarter of an hour.


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