how to get rid of gnats

If spring and summer have some drawbacks, then let’s call them by their name – mosquitoes. These insects can effectively spoil outdoor activities, but they are especially annoying when they imperceptibly get into our homes and apartments. However, you can effectively fight these unwanted guests. Below are some natural ways to fight mosquitoes. We advise on how to get rid of mosquitoes from home!

How to get rid of gnats? Scents

You can fight mosquitoes and midges in several ways. The first is the smell. Mosquitoes don’t like the scent of vanilla, lavender, mint and lemon. It is always good to have scented candles and air fresheners at home with just such aromas. They can be used quickly and easily as soon as insects appear in the home. The sh ops also offer special candles and essential oils for fighting them. Usually, their impact range is from two to even several meters.

How to get rid of gnats? Repellents

There are many different repellents on the market – mosquito repellents. They contain various active substances. These agents are mainly in the form of sprays, sprays or ointments. They should be applied to the skin (it is best to do it outside, the smell may be offputting or just dangerous for your eyes) and washed off when we no longer need protection.

getting rid of gnats

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Often and electrofumigators are used – electric repellents, stuck to contacts. They are intended for use indoors. They usually contain one of the natural essential oils.

You can also use fumigators – i.e. scented candles and smoking spirals – they give off poisons in the form of gases, fumes or vapours. They are intended for outdoor use only.

How to get rid of gnats? Insecticide lamps

Another way for buzzing guests at home is insecticide lamps. They attract mosquitoes, midges or moths with their light. When they get close enough, they fall into a grid and are electrocuted. Other lamps have stickies to which the insects stick. Manufacturers offer this type of device for both external and internal use. However, they have one minus. They attract a lot of insects first. However, when they get close to the device, they have practically no chance.

How to get rid of gnats? Mosquito nets

These nets consisting of tiny meshes effectively block access to the house for even small insects. Rolled models that roll up like internal blinds are great. Thanks to them in the evening you will protect yourself from insects, and after rolling up during the day, nothing will limit the view from the window. These types of mosquito nets are permanently installed, but they are quite expensive.

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to limit mosquito access to your home, magnetic mosquito nets may be a good idea. They are attached to the window frame fittings with magnets, which is why their assembly and disassembly are extremely simple. Frame mosquito nets are a similar seasonal solution, which adapts to the size of the window frame and mounts non-invasively using special brackets.


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