Ice cream is available all year round in the form of cakes, roulades, cones, lollipops and various desserts. Ice cream companies offer us a whole range of flavors. However, you can be tempted to make homemade ice cream yourself, even if you do not have an ice cream maker. They will be a nice surprise for loved ones for a summer dessert or afternoon tea.

Ice cream – how to make it?

It may surprise you but there are two types of ice cream. French style ice cream – this is the most popular type of ice cream, they are made on the basis of yolks combined with cream and toppings. They have a smooth, velvety texture and. Ice cream in the Philadelphia style – based on fat cream and milk, without the addition of yolks. This version is slightly less fluffy, but it is more delicate in taste, less calorie and easier to do.

Because not everyone is a fan of raw eggs in dishes, we present a recipe for ice cream in the Philadelphia style. About 200 ml. pour the cream into the pan, add about 65 g of sugar and heat on low heat, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves. Take the pot off the heat and transfer its contents to the container in which you will put ice cream in the freezer. Add the rest of the cream and 200 ml of milk to the heated cream with sugar. Mix thoroughly. Put the container in the freezer and every half an hour pull it out and mix the contents to get a fluffy texture and break up the forming ice crystals. The ice cream will be ready after about 3-4 hours.

making ice cream

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How to choose the right cream?

The perfect cream:

  • has a high fat content (30-36% or higher)
  • it is unleavened, i.e. it does not contain bacterial cultures
  • it is fluid, even very fine
  • this good quality has no additives in the composition
  • and on its packaging there should be written saying that it will be suitable for desserts, eg “for whipping”

Vegan ice cream

Vegan ice cream include sorbets. Just mix your favorite fruit with sugar, any toppings (e.g. mint) and a little water. Then you need to be patient and wait for the mass to freeze properly. Sorbets are ideal for hot days, because of their fruit flavor they are quite refreshing.

If you do not like sorbets, you can prepare ice cream that with its consistency and taste will resemble those based on a cream cake. For example, you can combine raspberries, maple syrup or erythritol and coconut milk. After a few hours vegan and fit ice cream ready.

The perfect option is also chocolate and banana ice cream. Bananas, thanks to their consistency, will work very well as a cream substitute. Just blend the slightly overripe and previously frozen bananas with cocoa and any sweetener. Ready ice cream, the rest of the mass can be stored in the freezer for several days.

Thai ice cream

To prepare such ice cream you will need a cold sheet or granite. You prepare the mass in the same way as for other ice creams (it may not come out with sorbet). The finished mass should be poured onto a baking sheet, then ice cream moulded with appropriate tools.



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